Magical light photography workshops
Messolongi lagoon photography workshop
Lake Kerkini photography workshop
Lake Prespa and Meteora Monasteries photography workshop
The messolongi lagoon lies at the south western tip of mainland Greece opposite the city of Patras.A vast lagoon of shallow water (around 250 Sq km including the Aetolikon lagoon and the wetlands of the Achaeloos Delta).The town of Messolongi is the place where Lord Byron died during the Greek war of independence.The whole area is teaming with fish as they come to breed in the shallow waters.Birds follow the fish to feed,the lagoon is a bird photographers paradise during the autumn and spring periods.The local fishermen live in fishermen's cabins on stilts in the water during the fishing season.The very large volume of water,the piers,fishing boats,large numbers of birds and huts combined with the excellent light make excellent opportunities for photography
Spring workshop 2015, 18th to the 24th of April 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
Autumn workshop 2015 dates 22nd to the 28th of october 2015, 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
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A marvel of human interference with nature,Lake Kerkini is a man made reservoir created to eradicate malaria and mosquito born deseases from the old marshland that occupied the area.It's the premier place in Greece for birdwatching and bird photography especially for Dalmatian Pelicans.It also offers excellent sunrises and sunsets,real fishermen fishing in the lake in their flat bottomed boats ,misty and still days with excellent reflections.The autumn trip includes several boat trips for bird photography,the spring trip includes daily boat trips to feed and photograph the pelicans in their breeding colours from close range.
Feb 2015 workshop 8th to the 14th Of Feb , 1700 all inclusive plus flights
Autumn workshop , 1700 all inclusive plus flights
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This is a workshop with adventure,the first part is visiting the isolated but beautiful lake prespa and the second part the spectacular world famous Meteora monasteries .LAKE PRESPA,A large lake near the Greek,albanian,Yugoslavian border,comprises of the large lake Prespa and a smaller one ,lake mikri Prespa .Situated at almost 900 m above sea level it offers excellent scenery,some bird photography,and fishermen's boats combined with brilliant sunrises and sunsets.Exploring the island of St Achillios with it's small community and the 10th century Basilica is another part of the adventure.METEORA MONASTERIES,there are six monasteries perched on top of vertical rock formations,founded in the 8th century by monks escaping the barbarian invations of Greece.Originally were about 18 plus many other hermitages,the surviving 6 are open to visitors 6 days a week and are a Unesco world heritage site.There are several viewpoints to photograph the monasteries ,sunrise and sunset being the best times.This site is as spectacular as they come.
Spring workshop 2nd to the 9th of May 2015 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
Autumn workshop 2015 TBA 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
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The Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini , winter photography workshop
The best place to photograph Dalmatian Pelicans.The workshop is timed with the Pelicans mating season (mid-january to mid-march) as the Pelicans look best in their mating colours. Most of the shooting is done from manned boats at sunrise or at sunset the rest from the shore around the lake.The pelicans are fed by the fisherman with reflections and spectacular snow capped mountains in the background .
Winter Dalmatian Pelican workshop 6 days 5 nights 7th to the 12th of february 2016 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights.
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Autumn Meteora Monasteries workshop
A 4 day workshop at the world famous meteora site,the 4 days give an excellent opportunity to shoot the monasteries from different lacations,sunrises , sunsets ,morning and evening light plus the lower temperatures will allow for several walks with a different view of the rocks and monasteries .
Meteora monasteries Autumn workshop 4 days 3 nights ,18th to the 21st of September and 19th to the 22nd of Nov 2015 1200.00 all inclusive plus flights
Itinerary to be posted soon
Winter combo ,Meteora Monasteries and Lake Kerkini Pelicans photography workshop
A combination of the above 2 workshops , the workshop combines spectacular scenery at Meteora and Paleokaria bridge plus the Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini in their mating colours.As the workshop takes part in February both locations have spectacular snow capped mountains in the background.Two nights at Meteora and five nights at Lake Kerkini.
Pelicans of Lake Kerkini and Meteora Monasteries ,8 days 7 nights , 20th to the 27th of February 2016 , 1850.00 all inclusive plus flights
Itinerary and photos to be posted soon
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