Lake Kerkini photography workshop
The Premier place for bird watching,bird photography and unusual scenery .Lake Kerkini is a miracle of human interference with the environment,originally a small lake with the same name on a slow bend of the river Strymon was raised to by a dam in 1932 to eradicate the mosquitos from the marshes around the lake,The lake was raised again in 1982 ,it's much bigger and has better water management.The birds arrived on their own as it lies on one of the main migratory routes from Europe to Asia and Africa.About 320 species of birds live in the lake at various times of the year.The endangered Dalmatian Pelicans are in the lake all year round and is one of their main breeding areas.Real fishermen plow their trade every day in one of the richest fresh water lakes in the world
Morning twilight and sunrise are magic,the fishermen boat's (Plavas) ,the mist rising above the still lake after a cold night ,the birds perching on the boats and the dramatic morning clouds offer amazing photographic opportunities
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Birds are the main reason photographers visit lake Kerkini,they are everywhere in large numbers.The Greater Flamingoes and Dalmatian Pelicans being the main attraction,The workshop offers 2 boat trips in the Autumn and 5 boat trips in the spring especially for the Pelicans
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The Fishermen of Lake Kerkini are out at sunrise every morning and start again by mid afternoon.They use flat bottomed traditional boats (plavas)so the can reach the shallows.Now days they are powered by small outboards to make life easier
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The group
3 to 5 photographers of any ability plus the leader,if group larger than 5 an assistant leader will join for extra help.The leader will be assisting the photographers during photo shoots
Daily schedule
Transportation is by people carrier or minibus,all shooting locations are within very short walking distance from minibus.
Very early wake up at 5.45 am,after tea or coffe we move to the photo shoot location,we shoot the morning twilight and sunrise,when morning light finishes we look for bird photography near by if none we follow the birds to new location.return to hotel for breakfast between 9.00 to 9.30 am.After breakfast viewing of photos and assesing morning's work.lunch at around 13.00 pm and siesta.Afternoon session starts at 16.00pm,we visit next morning's location,bird photography and then move to evening's location for sunset shoot. return to hotel by 19.30 pm ,evening meal,viewing of evening shoot ,preparation of next day shoot.We should be in bed by 22.00 pm.
The above schedule is by no means binding,the group if they wish can change the schedule to their liking
Two boat trips round the lake are included during the trip ,times to be agreed by the group depending on availability of boats.
Any DSLR,leader is NIKON user but very familiar with CANON.Good tripod and head,a monopod for bird photography.Lenses,a wideangle for large vistas and landscapes,standard zoom 18-55 or longer,range of primes if the client prefers them,medium telephoto 70-300,long telephoto 150-500 or equivalent for bird photography,cable release or remote.Filters,a good polarizer for wideangle and short zoom,a P filter holder for short zoom ,an 1 stop hard grad,1stop soft grad,2 stop hard grad,2 stop soft grad.Plenty of fast cards,a netbook,laptop or Ipad for viewing and storing photos.
A worm fleece and light jacket for early morning shoot,fingerless gloves,sun hut,a comfortable pair of walking shoes
The Hotel
3 star accomodation 100 metres from the lake,en suite bathrooms and balconies,free wifi ,restaurant and cafeteria.Free tea and coffe making facilities in dining room,Meals at the hotel or if group wishes in local restaurant
What is included in the workshop
Airport pick up and drop off from designated flight,all tranportation during workshop,hotel accomodation ,breakfast,lunch and dinner.Services of bilingual leader,tuition by leader including processing,after workshop help.
What is NOT included
Flights,alcoholic drinks.If clients arrive on different than designated flight MUST arrive earlier than group pick up from airport.Travel insurance is a must and must be arranged by all participants
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Spring 2015 workshop 8th of Feb to 14th of Feb 2015 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
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1700.00 all inclusive plus flights,a 200.00 not refundable deposit (refundable if another client takes the place) rest of money 2 months before departure date,late bookings,all fees paid upon booking
Lake Kerkini photography workshop,nature and landscapes, 7 days 6 nights
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