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Messolongi Lagoon photography workshop
A vast lagoon of shallow water situated on the tip of south western mainland Greece 250 km from Athens . Fish farming has been practised in the lagoon for thousands of years and it's still a major sourse of income for the town's inhabitants.It's 150 sq km in size including the Aetolikon lagoon plus around 50 sq km of wetlands of the Ahaeloos river to the west.The town of Messolongi is better known as where Lord Byron died and it's heroic resistance during the Greek war of independence
The lagoon is full of piers , fishermen's huts (pelades),traditional flat bottomed boats (gaidas) and fishfarm nets , The clear horizon ,large amount of water and the quality of light in Greece make for the most exquisite morning twilight and sunrise photography
Daytime photography , reflections,especially in the 2 lots of salt pans,colourful boats,cloud formations ,Greece is notorious for it's blue clear skies in the summer but spring and autumn offer beautiful patterns,combined with the very unusual surroundings of the lagoon offer endless possibilities for photography
The Messolongi lagoon is the premier place for bird watching and bird photography in southern Greece ,autumn is the migrating season for birds so enything can appear in the lagoon,spring is the season with the most bird species.The still water and sunset -sunrise colours offer bird photography at it's best
The clear horizon and excellent light in Greece make for very good sunsets.Opportunities for sunset in the lagoon and Dioni,by the Achaeloos river delta looking towards the Ionian sea
Daily schedule
Very early morning start,05.45 am after a coffe or tea move and set up for morning twilight and sunrise shoot,if there is bird activity nearby bird photography until 9.00 am.Return to hotel for breakfast,after breakfast reviewing of photos,advise on composition ,exposure and processing,planning for evening shoot.12.00 till 16.00 siesta including lunch time.Evening session starts at 16.00,short drive to view next morning's location then set up for evening shoot.evening meal at around 20.00 pm viewing of evening shoot and equipment preparation for next morning.We should all be in bed by 22.00pm
Transportation is by people's carrier or minibus depending on the size of the group,all shooting locations are within very short walking distance of the minibus
The group
3 to 5 photographers of any ability plus leader ,if group larger than 5 an assistant leader will be included to help with instruction,During and after shooting the leader will be assisting continously the photographers.
The above schedule is by no means binding,if the group wishes a different schedule that will be followed.
Any DSLR ,leader is NIKON user but very familiar with CANNON, good tripod and head ,a good monopod for the spring trip,cable release or remote.Lenses,wideangle very useful for photography in the lagoon,standard zoom (any 18-55 or longer),choice of primes if preferred by client but not nessecary.A 70-300 or 150-500 mm for bird photography.Filters,a good polarizer both for wideangle and short zoom,a holder for P filters for the standard stop hard and soft grad square filters,two stop hard and soft grad square filters.Plenty of high speed cards.A spare battery is useful but not nessecary as we will be returning to the hotel after every shoot.A european electrical adapter.An Ipad,netbook or laptop for viewing your photos and storing them.
Autumn trip,a worm fleese ,windproof jacket,comfortable trainers,a sun hut.Spring trip,a warm jacket ,photography gloves and a warm hut for sunrise photography.High visibility vest as some of the shooting will be on the road to Tourlida (not many cars at the time of morning)
The Hotel
Located on the edge of town overlooking the lagoon,it's 3 star accomodation includes en suite bathrooms,balconies,free wifi,cafeteria,restaurant.Nearby cafes by the marina,within walking distance of town (10 minutes).
The Town of Messolongi
A town of around 10000 people,a relatively pretty town with couple of museums and several galleries.attractions include the Garden of the Heroes ,the Lord Byron Museum and several mansions.The Town is thw largest producer of fish in Greece so fish is quite high on the restaurant menus by the marina and the backstreets of the town.
What is included
Airport pick up and drop off for designated flights,all tranportation during workshop,hotel,breakfast,lunch and dinner,services and assistance by bilingual leader.Clients arriving on other than designated flight must arrive earlier and meet the group at the airport
What is NOT included
Flights,alcoholic drinks,Travel insurance is a Must and must be arranged by all participants.
Autumn workshop 2015 dates TBA 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
Spring workshop !8th of April to 24th of April 2015 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
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1700.00 all inclusive plus flights,a 200.00 not refundable deposit (refundable if another client takes place) upon booking ,rest 2 months before departure.For a late booking all monies paid upon booking
Messolongi lagoon photography workshop , spring and autumn ,7 days 6 nights
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