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Meteora Monasteries and Lake Prespa photography workshop
The Meteora Monasteries is a Unesco World Heritage Site and the 2nd most visited site in Greece.There are six monasteries perched on top of Rock pillars some 1000 ft above the Thessaly plain.All six are in very good order and open to visitors.This site is as spectacular as you can imagine,the morning light and sunset colours and spectacular scenery offer endless opportunities for photography.
The lakes Megali Prespa (large Prespa) and Mikri Prespa (small Prespa) are the oldest lakes in Europe,Megali Prespa is the point where 3 countries meet Greece,Albania and Fyrom.Relatively isolated from the rest of Greece offer very spectacular scenery,history and very large colonies of birds.Abandoned fishing boats,moored fishing boats,the Island of St Achillios and the birds combined with spectacular sunrises offer wonderfull photography.
The Lakes are inhabited by very large amounts of birds,Dalmatian Pelicans,Pygmy Cormorants,Gulls,Coots,grebes to name a few.The Psarades fishing shelter offers the best opportunities for bird photography
The group
3 to 5 plus leader.if more than 5 an assistant leader will join the group to assist with the extra number of clients,the leader will be assisting continously the clients with photography and processing
All transportation by people carrier or minibus including pick up and drop off at airport.All shooting locations within very close distance of vehicle.This workshop involves more travelling than other workshops but the scenery makes it worthwhile'
Meteora workshop - Early morning wake up at 5.45 am,after tea or coffe move to location for twilight,sunrise photo shoot.After sunrise move to different location to shoot the morning light lighting the monasteries and rocks around them.Return to hotel by 9.00 am for breakfast.After breakfast visit the monasteries or short walks amongs the rock pillars betheath the monasteries.Lunch at around 13.00 pm ,viewing of morning shoot and then siesta till 17.00.Move to evening location for a sunset shoot.dinner at around 20.00.Vewing of evening work and bed by 22.00.During the Spring workshop possible visit to the famous Paleokarya double waterfall,1 hrs 15 minuts away near Trikala.
Daily schedule
Lake Prespa workshop - Early wake up at 5.45 am.After tea or coffe move to location by lake Mikri Prespa or Aghios Achillios Island for twilight,sunrise photo shoot.If bird activity around the floating bridge ,bird photography till 8.45 am ,otherwise return to the village of Psarades and bird photography by the fishing shelter.Breakfast around 9.30 am at the restaurant below the hotel then viewing of morning's work.Morning activities,short walk around Aghios Achillios island includind a visit to the 10th century Basilica,short walk to viewpoint on lake Megali Prespa and possibly a hermitage.Lunch at around 13.00 pm and the siesta.17.00 pm move to evening location for sunset shoot.If clear skies we can change schedule to early dinner and then startrails shoot on dark location with agood foreground (the area is very remote and offers spectacular night sky views including the milky way).in Bed by 22.00 pm.
Any DSLR.Good tripod and head,remote release cable or IR remote.Lenses,wideangle,standard zoom (range of primes if preferred by client) 70-300 zoom or better 150-500 telephoto for bird photography.Good polarizers for wideangle and standard zoom.P filter holder (square filter) for standard zoom,1 one stop soft grad,1 one stop hard grad,1 two stop soft grad ,1 two stop hard grad,A good camera bag to fit all your equipment,plenty of fast memory cards.An ipad,netbook or laptop to view your photos.
A warm fleese,warm jacket and wooly hat for morning photography,fingerless gloves,good walking shoes,a sun hut,a high visibility vest as some of the shooting at Meteora could be from the roadside.
the Hotels
Lake Prespa - Located at Psarades,simple clean hotel with en suite shower and balcony ,Sitting area on the ground floor,organic breakfast
Meteora Monasteries - Located at Kastraki,Excellent standard hotel with en suite bathrooms and balconies overlooking the monasteries,buffet breakfast and free wifi.
Click here to view lake Prespa photo gallery
Click here to view Meteora photo gallery
Autumn 2015 workshop TBC 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights...
Spring 2015 workshop 2nd of May to 9th of May 2015 1700.00 all inclusive plus flights
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1700.00 all inclusive plus flights,a 200.00 not refundable deposit (refundable if another client takes place) rest of monies 2 months before departure,late bookings,all fees paid upon booking
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